When Augur virtual currencies become mainstream, bitcoin and ether may have more in common than meets the eye

Augur, the virtual currency which is currently trading at around $8,000 per bitcoin, has some catching up to do with virtual currencies.

The cryptocurrency, which uses the blockchain technology, has been gaining popularity and adoption as the primary means of transferring wealth around the world, especially for people who live in poverty.

Its price has also been on a steady climb over the last few months.

Augur has been the subject of a recent spate of speculation about its value, with some speculating that it will rise from around $1,000 to as high as $2,000.

But this prediction has been quickly contradicted by recent price increases.

A quick look at the blockchain data shows that Augur is currently worth around $4,000, and a recent surge in the value of Augur’s cryptocurrency led some to speculate that its value could rise even higher.

It has recently also been gaining ground in other cryptocurrencies as well.

At the moment, Augur remains the only virtual currency that has gained mainstream acceptance in the United States.

In a recent report from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the agency listed a total of 5,068 active virtual currencies, with the most popular being Ether, the second-most popular virtual currency.

The U.K. is also considered to be one of the major markets for Augur.

For those interested in Augur trading, the U

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