Cryptocurrency: Virtual currency is a new trend, but it’s not a scam

Virtual currency, known as cryptocurrencies, have come a long way from their origins as niche payment methods.

Now, they are a popular way for people to send payments online, from small amounts to large ones.

They also have an advantage over traditional payment methods, which have limited utility.

As of April, more than $15 billion had been transferred to cryptocurrency holders worldwide, according to data from, a website that tracks global cryptocurrency transactions.

The rise of virtual currency has made it easy for people around the world to make purchases without banks or credit card companies.

Bitcoin, the digital currency first popularized by a single man in 2008, has skyrocketed in value since then, as has other cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, a decentralized digital currency created by a group of programmers.

These digital currencies are not controlled by any single party, and transactions are not recorded in a centralized ledger like traditional currencies.

This makes them more secure and difficult to trace, but they are not anonymous.

Some of these digital currencies can be used to buy and sell goods and services on a global scale, but some are considered illicit.

Many cryptocurrencies are also linked to illegal activities and have no official place of business.

While there is no central registry for these virtual currencies, they can be found in dark web markets, where users can find a wide range of products, services, and even money.

These illicit markets are a significant source of revenue for some criminal groups.

A person could be able to buy drugs for less than the value of one Bitcoin, or use illicit services to buy pornography or drugs, as long as they have the ability to do so.

There is no official record of how many people in the world own cryptocurrencies.

A 2016 study by researchers at the University of Oxford estimated that $200 billion in cryptocurrencies were being held in circulation in a single country, with around $40 billion in the U.S. Cryptocurrencies have also been used for illicit purposes in Africa and elsewhere.

“This is just a trend that’s been going on for a while,” said Alexei Belopolsky, co-founder of the digital money trading platform Bitcoin-Empire.

“We’re not talking about a new phenomenon.

We’re talking about an old one.”

In 2014, the European Union adopted a resolution that prohibited financial services that use cryptocurrencies, or similar systems that rely on trustless technology to make payments.

These financial services must report all transactions that involve cryptocurrencies, and the EU also announced a ban on virtual currencies used to pay for goods and entertainment.

In June, the U

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