2k18,2K18: How do you make money?

2K18, 2K2018,2-year-old Airdrop virtual currencies,2 and 1-month-old Bitcoin, the world’s most popular digital currency, were among the new virtual currency categories added to the U.S. Treasury’s official list of virtual currency options for consumers on Tuesday.2K2018 was added to a list of new virtual currencies to the Treasury’s public-use virtual currency list, while 2-year old Bitcoin was added as a virtual currency option to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing’s public use virtual currency (PV) list.

The Treasury announced Tuesday that the new options were created as part of the 2016 “Digital Currency Task Force.”

The task force is an agency-led effort that promotes adoption of new digital currencies, among other things.

The new options are part of a series of changes that the Treasury is making to the PNIC (National Numismatic Information Center) to make sure it is better able to manage and track the value of digital currencies.

In an announcement last week, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said the new digital currency options will help the Treasury to more effectively track the virtual currencies being offered for purchase on the market.

“Virtual currency has grown in popularity as people around the world use them to make payments and to buy goods and services,” Mnuchin told reporters in March.

“In this time, as the virtual currency market is maturing, we want to better understand how it is evolving so we can more effectively support it.

With the new additions, the Treasury Department is now able to better manage and monitor the value and use of digital currency.”

The Treasury’s decision to add 2K-18 to the list of “new virtual currencies” was a response to a call from Congress last month to expand the digital currency categories that the PNPIC currently allows.

2K was added in the previous year.

“Digital currency is emerging as a global phenomenon, with the digital world taking the lead in terms of new financial applications,” Mnushkin said.

“While the Treasury has long recognized the importance of this emerging technology, its efforts are geared towards making the PNC more transparent about its digital currencies to consumers, investors and regulators.”

The announcement of 2K adds 2K to the “new digital currency” category.

The 2K category was created in 2020 to encompass any digital currency with a market cap exceeding $100 million, but has since expanded to include any virtual currency with an aggregate market cap of at least $100 billion.

In March, the PNNIC expanded the categories from one-month to three-month options, but added 2-month option as well.

The PNNI is the primary clearinghouse for digital currency transactions.

The move to add new virtual options in the PNTL to better track and manage the value, and to allow the Treasury the ability to better monitor the volatility of virtual currencies will improve the PNGI’s ability to track virtual currencies as they are traded and transfer money between users and businesses.

It is also a way to better communicate the PNDL’s digital currency status to users.

The two-year option was also added in March to the public use PNTLP, the public-facing virtual currency platform that can be used by individuals and businesses, and is a central part of Bitcoin.

Mnuchin added that the changes announced Tuesday will allow the PNB (PNTB) to more accurately track the volatility and availability of virtual assets and provide more timely guidance on the future of virtual economy.

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