Dash virtual currencies have surged in value by 100 times in 2 years

The value of virtual currencies like Dash have soared in value, with the virtual currency surging past $5,000 in just over a year.

Dash is a cryptocurrency with a decentralized, peer-to-peer network, meaning it has no central authority.

Its price soared in the past year after an early surge of $6,000 and it is now the most popular virtual currency on the Bitcoin market, according to Coinmarketcap.com.

However, the Dash surge was driven by the surge in value of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Dash surged by more than 50% in the last week alone, according in Coinmarketco.

“We’ve seen more and more people using Dash for payments and for virtual currency, and it’s been doing pretty well,” Dash CEO and co-founder Barry Silbert said.

In a blog post, Silbert highlighted the surge, noting that “Bitcoin has been trading at around $1,500/coin for the past two years and Dash has surged to $5k/coin.”

He also pointed to the “huge demand” for Dash among businesses and individuals, including the United States government, as the reason for the surge.

“We’re seeing a lot of companies that are using Dash in their payment networks and businesses are seeing it as a good way to send value, and that’s the right thing to do,” he said.

The surge in Dash has also led to a spike in the price of other cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin.

The price of Dash spiked more than 10,000% in less than two years, according Coinmarket.com, and surged more than 3,000%, according to Bitcoin tracker CoinMarketCap.

Bitcoin price also hit a new all-time high in late March, after a sharp rise earlier in the year.

Bitcoin, a virtual currency which uses cryptography to make transactions cheaper than traditional cash, is popular among young people and other tech savvy consumers.

The cryptocurrency has surged in popularity in recent years.

It is trading at about $15,000 per coin.

According to the Bitcoin exchange Bitstamp, there are more than 2.4 billion Bitcoin in circulation, with over 20% of those being in circulation today.

Bitcoin is the currency of choice for online shopping, payment and other online services, but there are also cryptocurrency exchanges that cater to a wide range of users.

According a Coinmarket report, “The growth of cryptocurrency has driven the value of digital currency to nearly $60 billion per year.”

Bitcoin has also risen by more to about $70 billion, according the Coinmarketreport.

Bitcoin is used in nearly every major payment and exchange platform in the world, including Paypal, Mastercard, Visa and others.

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