When you have cash, you need virtual currency

People are starting to move into virtual currency.

They are buying cars and houses.

They’re buying things like virtual currencies like Bitcoin, and some are even buying gold.

Now a new virtual currency called LazaCoin is getting ready to hit the mainstream, and it could have big implications for virtual currencies.

According to a recent survey, more than one-third of Americans say they own virtual currencies, and a recent article in Forbes called Liza Dzodanovna, CEO of Laza Coin, said it’s not just about the technology behind it.

In the past, the cryptocurrency was largely used by people who wanted to trade in physical currencies.

And now it’s attracting people who are looking for something new and different.

Dzodanyova said Lazacoin is designed to be a real currency that people can use to buy things online.

“This is the first time a virtual currency has been created to be used by the average person, so that people have something to compare themselves to.

We think this is a real-world alternative to the US dollar, and we think it can help us compete with the world’s top cryptocurrencies,” she said.

Dzodanova said that the Laza coin is not a cryptocurrency but a virtual-currency like Bitcoin.

“You can get your coins in LazaCoins.com,” she added.

“It’s an exchange of LizaCoins into the cryptocurrency.

You can get LizaCoin at the Liza Coin ATM in Kiev.”

People can earn Liza coins by using the platform.

They can sell Liza to others and spend it in any other way.

It’s a free service.

People can even use Liza for real money, so it’s actually a money that’s being traded,” she explained.DZodanovana said that Lizacoin could become the new “gold standard” for virtual currency in the near future.

And she’s hoping that it will spur people to get more involved with virtual currencies.”

The Liza coin will be used as a means of purchasing digital goods, she said, but she said she also hopes that the virtual currency will become a source of income for people who want to buy physical goods and services.

“If you have to buy stuff online, why do you need to do that when you can just use the Lizzas?

You can just buy Liza and spend money on things online,” she concluded.

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