‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ is getting a virtual currency expansion

As Lucasfilm continues to grow its Star Wars: Force Awakens expansion, the virtual currency will be added to the game.

The game will now allow players to earn coins in the game, and will be able to buy virtual items from a virtual store for real money.

A new set of character customization options will also be added in the new expansion.

The virtual currency, which is currently available to players who have purchased a special bundle with virtual goods and a new Star Wars character called Luke Skywalker, will be available as a currency to purchase items, as well.

The digital currency has already been a hot topic on social media as players around the world have been asking for a virtual version of the character to play.

But, while some have been eager to use the currency for purchases, the new currency has been met with a mixed reaction.

Some have called the currency a scam, while others have said that they don’t think it’s a good idea to give the currency away.

Now, we’re getting a better idea of what people are talking about, and we can start to get some answers.

The first thing we should point out is that, while this virtual currency has received plenty of buzz and discussion on social platforms, it’s not yet a major part of the game’s content.

In fact, in order to purchase the currency, players will have to have already purchased some kind of physical items, such as characters and toys.

In addition, the currency is only available to the player who has purchased the Star Wars characters in the Star War: Force Unleashed expansion, and that person is only able to spend the currency at a virtual place.

The currency will also allow players in the virtual world to make purchases from their virtual bank account, but that is an entirely separate process that only works for the player with the virtual bank, so it’s unclear if the currency will ever be used in that way.

For now, the digital currency is just a part of Star Wars in the world, but it’s one that will be a welcome addition to the Star Trek universe.

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