Microsoft’s Bing: ‘No, we’re not going to sell you the new Xbox One’

Microsoft is facing an avalanche of complaints about the new version of its Bing search engine, which it says is causing a backlash among users.

Microsoft has also been accused of making a bad business decision by removing a feature from its Bing Web Search that lets users filter results by a number of categories, including virtual currency.

According to an internal memo seen by The Verge, Microsoft is also removing a privacy option from its search results that lets people see information about their location, which may make them suspicious of businesses that may be using it to target them.

“We’ve had customers and partners express concern about this feature, and we want to assure you that we take this issue seriously,” the memo reads.

“It will be available to you for a limited time in a future update.”

In addition to the privacy and location settings, the Microsoft memo also warns users that “we are also eliminating our ‘Personal’ filter from search results.”

This new filter, which was previously available only to those who logged in to the service with a Microsoft account, lets users see a list of searches that Microsoft deems to be personal, and then click on the “show all” link to reveal all the results.

The filter, Microsoft says, will be removed in a later update, but in the meantime, users who don’t want their personal information revealed can still opt out.

Microsoft’s move comes as the company continues to battle accusations that it is selling its customers virtual currency that can be used to purchase goods and services in the form of virtual items.

The company has also faced accusations of violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, which makes it illegal for a company to “engage in business with, or engage in a relationship with, a person in the United States on behalf of the United Kingdom.”

Microsoft has denied the allegations.

However, it has been criticized for failing to make it clear to customers that they could opt out of the new search results feature, which many are still opting in to.

“The [Privacy] Policy clearly states that Microsoft is not going into any more detail than we have to about the personal data it collects, and this Privacy Policy is clear about this,” the company’s CFO David Smith wrote in an internal email to employees last week.

“However, we recognize the need to be transparent about how it collects and uses this information.”

Microsoft’s privacy policy has also come under fire for not specifying which data it is using for the new “Personal” filter, and which of its other search results are filtered by “Personal.”

According to the document, Microsoft’s “Personal filter” will be applied to search results for “business, products, and services” and “financial data,” as well as “any information about your activities or interests.”

“This filter only applies to the personal information we collect through your Bing account,” the document reads.

Microsoft also has been accused by its own employees of making some false claims about the amount of money the company is making from the search results.

For example, a Microsoft employee wrote in the company newsletter that the company had a $4.3 billion revenue stream for its search engine from advertisers.

However a Microsoft representative told The Verge that Microsoft “did not have a revenue stream and was not making any money from this business at the time we were looking at it.”

In response to the complaints, Microsoft has said that it will be adding a new search filter in the future that will apply “more rigorous and meaningful” criteria to filter search results based on what they deem to be legitimate queries.

The Redmond, Washington-based company has said it will “continue to do everything we can to improve our results.”

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